Signing Up

You’re here because you were either just clicking around, checking out what Avid Eaters is all about or you have NO CLUE how to start supporting your choice of nonprofits, SO, we’re going to help you out!

  • Once you’ve finished looking through the website and learning more about our current partners and you’re ready to sign up, simply go to the “causes” page.
  • At the bottom of each Cause you’ll see a check box you can click to choose that nonprofit to support. You can choose up to 3 Causes.
  • After each check box you click you’ll be prompted to choose another nonprofit or to continue onto “step 2”.
  • When you click “step 2”, you’ll be taken to the donorship package page where you must choose which donorship level you want- yellow, orange, or red, then continue by clicking on the link for how you would like to process your recurring donorship payment- online or through the mail. If you are paying through the mail you must print out the application and mail it to us along with a voided check
  • If you choose to pay online, please verify your nonprofit choices and level of donorship then click “checkout” and fill in your shipping information and proceed by clicking on the checkout button at the bottom
  • As you fill in you paypal or credit card information please be aware of our private policy found at the bottom of each website page.
  • You’re now good to go! You will receive your donorship package in the mail within 5-7 business days.





The Effects

Avid Eaters is all about giving our partners what they want and we’re dedicated to fulfilling that mission! There are 3 effects that Avid Eaters Movement seeks to create:


The Cause Effect

Avid Eaters brings awareness to nonprofits you’ve never heard of before and raises funds for the causes you care about. There are a lot of organizations out there that are down for an amazing cause and are doing some very unique things to raise awareness, but like most nonprofits, they have financial limitations that restrict them from being seen, heard, and even accomplishing what they’re seeking to do. That’s where we step in.

Avid Eaters uses its own marketing platform to promote its partners and brings them to the forefront. We provide information on the nonprofit that explains what their cause is along with things they’re doing to bring about a solution to that cause. All for free! Think of us as a marketing and advertising agency. We promote them and as we promote them we promote ourselves.


The Eatery Effect

For partnered eateries, Avid Eaters brings an increase and steady traffic flow in customer visits by creating loyalty as a card using donor. Our eateries will be promoted on our website as well with information on that location. Everything from hours, menus, directions, etc will be provided for mobile travel to the donor.

We have a wide variety for partners, everything from the corner pizza pillar to the upscale classy restaurant to take your significant other. And there’s more that the donor can bring aboard just through a request.

Now increase in customer flow can’t happen by bringing on every restaurant in an area so the amount is limited but there is still the possibility of obtaining a requested eatery in the future. There’s no location off limit for Avid Eaters so let us know where you are and where you want to eat often.


The Crowd Effect

As the donor, you are considered a partner as well and have a strong influence to how far, wide, and fast Avid Eaters can grow! We don’t want Cause and Eatery partners that you don’t want to support so it’s up to you to communicate to us who you want your tax-deductible dollars to go to and where you want to eat and get discounts! We’re hoping that you see Avid Eaters’ movement as a way to help out a cause you care about and help your local food joints stay in business and continue to provide the great tasting food we need to survive!

Avid Eaters is nothing without all 3 key ingredients and we want to make sure each one is able to fulfill its role in such a bland world and spice things up a bit! Make sure you send in request, even if it’s in an area we aren’t yet.

We want to be wherever you are. And don’t forget to follow and like us on whatever social media platform you use to keep updated on what’s going on and hear about what you’re helping create in this movement.

Remember, a closed mouth will never get fed so let’s get talking!