About Us


We are a nonprofit providing funds for local and national nonprofits through donors signing up for discount donorship cards to receive discounts at local eateries and directing large percentages of their donorship to those nonprofits that they choose.


To provide donors with discounts to their favorite restaurants and also generate tremendous revenue for nonprofits with a tax deduction for the donors. We will launch in a limited market with plans to duplicate the system in other cities and regions across the United States over the next 5 years.

Welcome to the Avid Eaters Movement!

If you’re like us, eating and giving are your two favorite things to do. The only way to make both more amazing, is to do both at the same time right? Well you’re in the right place! You’re about to enter into the hottest club known to both eaters and givers around the world.

As a donor, you run the show. You choose the nonprofits you want to support. You choose the places you want to eat. You have the influence to bring aboard restaurants that aren’t already on board. And you choose how much you want to save and give. Simply put, you choose where you want your money to go!

Avid Eaters Movement was created for you and only grows if you want it to. The more eateries you request, the more places you’re able to save at, and the more you’re able to support something you actually care about. I mean come on now, let’s get serious; how many of us really feel like we should be putting money into that cup on every counter we stand at. Will it truly make you feel like you’re giving for a sincere reason to something you can relate to and understand? Most likely not, and we’ve given plenty of money to the insatiable coin slots that seem to be at every counter at every establishment we feast at and every time, we walk away wondering where that money is going to and for what exact aspect of the cause.

With Avid Eaters, you are given various doorways to the unknown world of nonprofit organizations. All the information you want to know about our participating partners are a click or a call away so you know exactly where you’re money is going and what it will be used for…and you’re the one who makes that choice!

Let’s start being the leaders we are! Let’s start making our choices and getting what we want out of what we give. Let’s face it, most of our decisions are restricted by limits ,but when you’re an Avid donor the possibilities are endless. It’s time to get excited for life!

Eat to survive, but be hungry for a reason. Have an appetite for a cause.


The Avid Eaters Team